Monday, November 26, 2012

November's Clean Eating Challenges.

If you have joined our Companion FaceBook Page, you know that some of us are attempting a 5 day clean-eating challenge.

Those of you that are successfully paleo remember what it's like when you are starting out, trying not to cheat.  Some of us were having difficulty getting thru a straight 30 day challenge, so I proposed going slower, and thru the month of November we started with a one day challenge, the next week a 2 day challenge, etc.

Starting Monday 11/26 we are doing a 5 day challenge.  I've been cheering our peeps along, reminding them to prep early and often, providing tips like eating lots of beneficial fats to keep us satiated so that we aren't tempted to processed foods.

Have you thought about eating clean, whole foods, and slowing down or giving up processed foods?  Does the idea of a 21 day or a 30 day challenge scare you?

How about you try the 5 day challenge with us? It can't hurt, and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll feel better because of it.

Come on over to our FaceBook Page and join in on the conversation...we give great support!


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