Monday, September 9, 2013

Joie: Can we talk Beets??

This is a post that Joie start way back in the youngling days of our blog.  For some reason, it never got published.  Well, I'm doing it now.  So there. :)

Can we talk about beets?

Yes, I know the sugar content is high... but what about all the NOMMY stuff sprouting from the top??

I had bought a small bunch (4 bulbs) of fresh beets.  Unfortunately, they stayed in my fridge too long before I could get to them.   I ended up cutting the tops off and trashing them.   The actual beets came out great.This is what I did:

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.  Peel.  Cut.  Put in pan.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Salt n pepper.  I had some balsamic raspberry dressing.... I drizzled that on as well.
Bake.   350 degrees.  For a long time.   Add water to keep from scorching and add steam to the oven.  Keep poking till soft.

TODAY, I cleaned up the 2 full bunches of new beets.   Bulbs are in the oven.  Greens have been triple rinsed.  (buggers are FULL of sand)
I cut the bright red stalks off at the base of the leaves.  Tore into smaller pieces, and they are now awaiting a nice saute for later.

So, how do you prepare your beets?

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  1. Now... I chop up the tough red part of the stem and cook it as well. SO pretty!!

    And if you don't mind pulling fibers out of your teeth, they make for great additions to power smoothies, too.