Sunday, December 9, 2012

This Week's Challenge: Food Prep!

This week's challenge is Prepping: 

I challenge you to plan, prep, and most likely cook at least one meal for each day of the week. Ahead of time. That's 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, or 5 dinners, or any combo thereof.

That's one meal pre-prepped for each day - no eating the same thing for all meals until you hit your 5th meal Tuesday afternoon, and call it a done challenge.
The goal is not to make a heaping pot of soup, and eat it for all your meals Monday thru Friday. Unless you like that sort of thing. Then by all means, don't let me stop you.
Try for the meal you usually skip, or have the most difficulty planning and prepping for. In my case, it's breakfasts. If DaMan didn't make us a smoothie before he leaves for work, I'm sunk in the mornings. And then I'm highly tempted to hit a drive-thru on the way to work.

Plan your menu for the week of the 5 dishes you are going make. I don't care if it's one dish that you eat 5 times, so long as you prep it beforehand, or 5 separate meals that you prepare and store for the week.  I was just kidding about the soup thing up there...

 The purpose of the challenge is to get you in the routine of pre-making food, so it's available when you don't want to cook, or don't have time to, etc. and are tempted to make bad choices. The goal is the plan, shop and prep during the weekend or early Monday for 5 meal times.

I'm rambling, aren't I?

Ok, let's see if I can sum up:

1. Plan a menu that will give you 5 meals. it can be one giant meal that you eat 5 times or 5 separate dishes that you make and store for re-heating.

2. List out the ingredients you need and shop for what you don't have.

3. Prepare your meals and store them for easy re-heating and eating, especially if they are on-the-go meals. Do not throw a giant bowl or casserole dish in your fridge and expect yourself to scoop out what you need when you are running out the door to go to work. That's not the goal here. The goal is prepping, or being prepared.

4. ***BONUS*** for all you over-acheivers out there, prep yourselves a week's worth of snacks to take with you during the day, so that you have a clean snack waiting when you are out holiday shopping, and the popcorn at the front of the store is calling your name.

Ready?  And.........................GO!  :)

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