Monday, September 3, 2012

Joie: Introducing Others to Our Paleo Journey

Joie ~~  introducing others to our journey~~

A girlfriend of mine at work was looking.... bigger. Not seriously overweight, but bigger.   And in pain.   So I asked her the questions...eating habits, how much tylenol (DAILY) yada yada.
She was interested.
But not enough to give it serious go.  "I can't let go of my diet Coke! Carbs are my life! No one can do this!"
Uh huh.

2 weeks ago she had a mild heart attack.  She's in her early 50's.  After her trip to the emergency room and being put on nitro glycerin pills .. she hunted me down.
"Please, Joie, can I borrow that book again?  The doc said if I'm lucky enough to MAKE it to the emergency room again.. I need to change my life!  And everything you were telling me... I swear your words were coming from his lips!"

This was enough of a scare for her to start the plan almost cold turkey.   She cleaned her kitchen, donating a lot of things to Houston's Waste Management.
Zero soda. Zero breads.  Zero dairy.  All of it.  She's exercising 20-30 minutes a day.  She is now in love with my Leslie Sansone.
I did tell here 100% compliance is  not mandatory.  But she's taking this seriously enough that it's all or nothing for her right now.  Maybe later she'll try the 80-20 school of thought.

I asked her a week into this, "When is the last time you took your tylenol?"
She stared at me.   Looked at her calendar.   And teared up.
"Not since I came home from the hospital.  OMG, Joie.  I've not had ANY.  I haven't even thought about it because I guess I don't NEED it now."

We hugged.  She's one of the lucky ones where the doctor is encouraging her to do this.
And she is now experimenting with foods and telling everyone who will listen when they ask her "you look better.  Why?"

All hail St. Paleo.

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  1. I totally teared up! All Hail St Joie, who is bringing people to the St Paleo path!

    Invite your friend here, so we can share recipes!