Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introduction: Rachael

"Hello, I am Rachael, and I'm addicted to sugar."

(murmers of "Hi Rachael")

Yes,'s true. I've been chunky all my life. In my twenties, I went from chunky to obese, and I've been fighting that back for the last 20 years.  Slowly, I have been winning.

I have managed to lose and keep off around 40 lbs for almost 10 years. But I have quite a bit yet to go. I also have Type 2 Diabetes, arthritis, and in need of several joint replacements, of which I refuse to have, because I know they won't solve the problem. 

I have dieted, counted calories, attempted to exercise (without injuring myself) for quite awhile now. I have tried Atkins, I loved the South Beach Diet when it first hit the scene, but I didn't have the time to prep every single meal it called for.

I read the "Eat Right for your Blood Type" books when they came out. I'm an O, and it said that my blood type was best suited as the hunter/gatherer type. There was a lot of "blah-blah-blah" as to why, but it was so clinical and dry that it was hard to swallow. I wanted to ask the author to take me to dinner first.

Yes, I really did say that out loud.

My husband recently read a book called, The Paleo Solution" by Robb Wolf. He asked me to read it. I did, and not only did it tell me why Hunter/Gather foodstuffs are better to eat for humans, he told me (and everyone that reads the book) - why. He's a former biochemist who's studied what goes on in the gut when you eat good and bad for you food.  And he presents it in a way that is technical, but not dry. It's informative and quippy at the same time.  And I recommend this book to every one I talk to.

Because the thing is, Atkins, South Beach, Blood Type, and Paleo - call it what you will, but ALL of them call for Lean Meats, Low Carb, little to no processed food, and varying degrees of starches and veggies.

I choose the Paleo lifestyle to emulate, because I now have a pretty good idea what I can and cannot eat anymore in relation to what goes on in my stomach, intestines, and pancreas after I eat it. The purer the food the better, including fats. Processed flours and sugars (especially sugar substitutes) I can't hardly tolerate anymore.

It's not just that sugar, carbs, and junk will make me fat. It's also that low-fat, over-processed items will make me sick. And make my joints hurt. They have for years, and I was too busy stuffing my face with tacos and twinkies to listen.

I'm sorry, Body. I'm listening now, as best I can.

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