Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Introduction: Lola

I am a 41 year old divorced mother of one 12 year old.  I work a part time job at a deli/bakery (34 hours a week) after being a stay at home mom for 12 years.  I am currently a solid 30 pounds overweight.  I would like to use Paleo Diet to shed extra pounds, increase energy and to gain  control over my life and eating habits.

I have ordered the Paleo Diet book (not received it yet).  I can tell you what I have ate for the last 2 days that HASNT worked!

Monday for breakfast I ate a piece of zucchini, basil swiss cheese quiche.  Lunch was celery.   When I came home I promptly ate leftover breaded chicken nuggets and french fries then fell asleep for 2 hours.  Not good.

Tuesday I ate canned bean salad for breakfast, for lunch I had Wasa crackers with swiss cheese and when I came home I ate copious amounts of potato chips and a peanut butter cookies.  Fail.  Again.

This generally isnt the way I eat- Honestly!!!!!  I am so tired and exhausted from work I am a zombie when I get home.  Im not sure if I am actually "hungry" when I eat.  Also, the wrong combinations of food are tweaking my blood sugar insulin level which effects energy level.  I have spurts of clarity when everything falls into place : I hit the gym when I should, I work out at home doing push ups, I eat my leafy greens and lean proteins and drink 64 oz. of water a day.  Heck, I even read motivational quotes and positive affirmations!    My "moments of clarity" are becoming less and less frequent.

I am also painfully aware that the foods I have been eating make me tired, logy, miserable and achy.  My job at the deli means 7 hours of standing up, walking around, carrying products, using meat slicers etc.   My legs hurt when I get home.  My back hurts...I am physically exhausted.   Losing weight would mean less stress on my joints at work, less aches when I get home.  Eating better combinations of food means I will be more alert, less tired and have more energy to spend AFTER work as well.   I feel out of control with food and eating..I look forward to being in control of my weight, my energy and MY SELF.

Tonights goal will be : Make a salad (at the very least cut the lettuce and have it ready) for a salad for TOMORROW after work.  I may even make it and put it in an individual serving dish so it is all set for me when I get home.  Less thinking after work may help!  I need to conquer my mindless, impulsive eating.     

Another goal for this evening is log back into (to track my calories, what I eat and my exercise).  Not necessarily for the sake of the calories but so I am completely aware of what I am eating.    If you want to look for me on there, my name is: Lolafrancis.

.............and so the journey begins! 


  1. You can do this! Get rid of the crap in your house. Yes, I know, your kid will likely pitch a fit, but he could benefit from less junk food, too, right? If you have to keep something around just for him, do that and tell yourself it's off limits for a week or two. After that time, you'll likely find you don't want it any more.

    Mindless eating at night is my biggest pitfall. My husband works nights, so once he leaves and the kids are in bed...I start snacking and I have to stop!

    We can do this!! I can only imagine how much harder it is with a physically demanding job, but you're right - eating better will help you feel better at work, too, in so many ways.

  2. I'm sorry it took me so long to comment, but I'm so glad you are here, and that we are doing this thing together!